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Since the start, I’ve been committed to providing service of the highest quality, paying particular attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication with my clients clear and concise.


My mission for "Feng Shui Your Shit" is simple: to provide high-quality service in a timely manner. I cater to each person's specific needs to ensure excellence. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for. For more information or general inquiries, feel free to get in touch today.


About Me.

My Story

I am Annabel Ibanez, a musician, educator and a personal organizer.  I was born with a natural sensitivity to objects and how they have an influence on our environment.  I have lived in many shared spaces and I also lived a life with too many possessions.  It wasn't until I lived alone that I discovered my passion for minimalist interior design and personal organization.  I experienced the purging process when I moved out of the country for the first time.  I have since repeated this process before every major shift in my life.  I continue to observe the energetic benefits of decluttering.     

I honor that this is an intuitive skill that I continue to develop through guidance from other energy healers and Feng Shui practitioners.   I have studied the Marie Kondo Method and learned from many professional organizers in NY. My own personal journey with stuff continues to inform and inspire my work.  

The most important practice for us is to accept the space that we are given and to embrace this space the best way we can.  On a deeper lever, it can serve as a reflection into our relationship with ourselves.  Learning to order our space is a continual process of self love and a way for all of us to invite more beauty and flow into our lives.  I feel ready and excited to be your guide towards personal growth.  

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Take a look below at what my former and returning clients have to say.


"Understanding the "why" behind what I do with my things helped me tremendously.  This service is worth it!  It begins a self reflection and transformation process that allows people like me to reimagine their relationship with their possessions.  I can feel the transformation of space already even though I've only done a small fraction of the work that needs to be done.  The "why" keeps the motivation going to rethink my space and my things to serve a greater purpose, me.  Thanks Annabel amazing service."

Joe from Long Island


Professional Services

What I Provide

You can count on "Feng Shui Your Shit" to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services I provide below, and let me know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.

I will help you... 

reduce clutter and organize the items you own.

 discover the best way to store your items.  

 figure out the best design of your home for best flow.  

develop a working recycling, compost and garbage system.  

I will also coach you on your relationship with your possessions so you can decide what brings value to your life and what doesn't.  

You will encounter new energy benefits when you finally put things in order and create stability with the objects in your living environment.  

Declutter and Organize your home for flow. 


Wooden Floor

This is the perfect service for someone who habitually finds their living space disorganized, cluttered or distracting.  I can also help you when you are moving into a new home, before you are selling a property, assist in flatmate transitions, or help you before you move.  Your home might be a room in a shared flat, an entire flat or a mobile home.  I work with all types of spaces.  

Suggested Value €150 for 3 hour session.  Email me directly for sliding scale prices.  Everyone deserves this work.  

Available for International House Calls on Zoom and Skype. 

Rules for Participation

Folding Clothes

"Feng Shui Your Shit" is a form of coaching because the way in which you relate to your things can indicate your sense of belonging, security and stability.  A journey through your personal possessions can reveal your habits, passions, or limiting beliefs.  We will reflect on this during your session.  You will also be participating so you are learning new techniques for being in your home in relation to the objects around you.   Therefore, the following rules must be agreed upon before each session.  Please note, that sometimes things will get messier before they become clean.  

For In-Person Sessions: 

1.  The client must be present throughout the entire session.  

2.  The client must be willing to participate in the cleaning and organization process.  Your input will always be taken into account.   

3.  I am allowed to pass into the home and clear out clutter through the home and property.  I am given permission to move around items in the house.  Nothing will be moved or removed without your consent. 

4.  I am allowed to find new arrangements for personal items.  

5.  Your recycling system will be reviewed and a proper organization of paper, plastic and compost will be established.  

6.  Please provide paper towels, a cleaning spray of choice, garbage bags and a vacuum.   

For Online Sessions: 

1.  Please prepare 3 containers to help with organization.  They can be tupperware bins, boxes, shoe boxes or bags.  

2.  Be well rested and hydrated because you will be doing all of the moving as I help guide you. 

3.  Be prepared to take notes.  

Whatever the job, I’ve got you covered.


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